Wall Street Developer News A woman tried to enter the UN headquarters

A woman tried to enter the UN headquarters

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A woman tried to enter the UN headquarters several times in her car

An unidentified woman tried to drive her car into the UN headquarters on Sunday morning but was prevented from doing so, the office of the UN secretary general’s spokesman told RIA Novosti.

Earlier, reports appeared on social media that the woman allegedly tried to ram the gates of the headquarters. The video shows a black car standing close to the gate, and police officers communicating with the driver through a closed window.

“A woman tried several times this morning to break into the UN headquarters in her car. She failed, and there was no threat to the UN. Police arrived on the scene and dealt with the person,” said an office spokesman.

Meanwhile, the NYPD told RIA Novosti that “information about an attempt to ram a gate into the headquarters is not true.” “No one tried to ram the gate or anything else at the UN. However, there was a 50-year-old woman driving a car in front of the UN. A 911 call came in for medical assistance for this person. She was taken to a nearby hospital without incident,” the agency said.

The police department responded in the negative to a question about whether the vehicle had inadvertently collided with the UN fence.

A knowledgeable source speaking to RIA Novosti suggested that the driver had mental problems.

The RIA Novosti correspondent did not find any traces of the incident or damage to the gate at the scene.

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