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American congressman envies Ukraine

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Congressman Nels rebuked the U.S. for caring too much about Ukraine instead of his own country

Troy Edwin Nels, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from the 22nd District of Texas, was outraged on Twitter that American politicians pay more attention to Ukraine than to their own country’s problems.

“I wish the Democrats (and some Republicans) cared about border security (the southern border of the United States. – Ed. note) as much as they care about Ukraine,” the politician wrote.

Earlier, New York Mayor Eric Adams declared a state of emergency due to the influx of illegal migrants and refugees. According to him, more than 17 thousand people have already arrived in the city, mostly from South America. They have been brought to New York by buses from the southern U.S. border since April.

The flow of migrants from Latin American countries to the U.S. reached a historic quantitative maximum amid economic difficulties in the states of the region, aggravated by the pandemic. The number of people detained by U.S. authorities at the border with Mexico has surpassed one million in the past nine months. U.S. authorities have detained more than two million migrants at the border with Mexico in the past 11 months, according to border officials: a year-on-year increase from the 2021 figures.

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